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Winery Tour & Wine Tasting

Experience the enchanting world of wine at G. Theophanous Winery, where we celebrate the unique flavors of local grape varieties and harness the natural power of the Pissourian land. Our wine tasting and winery tour offer a truly exceptional experience that showcases the richness and diversity of this remarkable region.

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Discover the distinct characteristics of our wines, carefully crafted from grapes grown in the fertile soils of Pissouri, where each sip tells a story of the land and the expertise of our winemaker.

As you explore our winery, you'll witness firsthand the harmonious synergy between nature and winemaking. The Pissourian land, blessed with abundant sunshine and a Mediterranean climate, imparts a unique energy to our vineyards, resulting in grapes that are vibrant, expressive, and brimming with flavor. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our vineyards, where the grapes thrive under the watchful eye of the sun and the nurturing hands of our dedicated team. 


During your visit, engage in enlightening conversations with our winemaker, who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and love for the craft. Gain insight into the meticulous process of winemaking, from the careful cultivation of grapes to the art of blending and aging 

Discover the secrets that make our wines truly exceptional and learn how the natural elements of the Pissourian land shape their character. To complement your wine experience, indulge in a delectable cheese and/or fruit platter to enhance the flavours of our wines.

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